Sweet Scents

Lush and indulgent, this soothing aroma is delicious enough to eat. With a warm blend of blackberry, vanilla, and dark chocolate, this scent will fill you with sweet bliss.

Like its namesake, this whimsical blend is sweet, light, and airy. With sugary tones of delicate mixed fruits, cotton candy will soon be all you dream about.

Sweet, creamy, and delicious, this scent is pure old fashioned candy heaven. A fruit salad of citrus and peach flavors blended and swirled with warm vanilla tones.

Decadent and delicious, this scent pairs sun-ripened blackberries and strawberries with a warm and sugary sweet cream. An indulgent treat for the senses, it's sure to delight.

A ripe burst of banana and smoky sweet cream make up the base for this scent confection with light tones of nut and sugary spices. Enjoy your banana cream guilt free.