Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Blogger, Hello Wordpress!

Hi Everyone ~

This will be our last post on Blogger, please update your links to: - our new and improved blog :)

Have a beautiful day!

Nicole & Aaron

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hi everyone ~

It is our (slightly longer than) mid-year goal to be better about updating our blog and facebook! With so many amazing new developments happening in Live Beautifully land over here, we sometimes get caught up in our own excitement too much and don't do our best to share it! So, with that said, we have missed a little bit!

First and foremost, we redid the photography for our entire line. Why would we take on such an immense undertaking? Because it was worth it -

Dark Forest Rain Natural Cologne
We wanted something that was fresher, more elegant in nature and spirit. The use of live botanicals displayed with our product really help to pictorialize the one factor that's hardest when buying fragrances online, the scent. You get a better sense of the true nature of the fragrance and product itself and we use only the highest quality essential, natural, and botanical oils - some of which are locally sourced here in Denver.

Southern Peach Rose Natural Lip Balm

Aaron and I had so much fun gathering all of the flowers and foliage used ~ We live in the most beautiful place on earth and were reminded of that a lot while foraging :)

Please come check out our entire line of products at our Etsy store! You can use this coupon code when checking out of 25% off your purchase:  LBBLOG

While you're visiting, take a look at our brand new line of all natural deodorant sticks! These things are AMAZING! We're not just being immodest, they really work better than anything we've ever used. Both of our parents were completely hooked within one day of trying them and that's saying a lot! Our wonderful, deodorizing blend is completely aluminum and paraben free. They are wonderfully soothing and skin conditioning, long lasting and sweet smelling, and naturally good for you ~ They help you sweat less, sweat cleaner, and smell better, even into the next day.

Sunny Orchard Blossom Natural Deodorant

Our deodorants are available in four different scents, Urban Breeze (for guys), Summer Fields (for guys & girls), Sunny Orchard Blossom (for girls), and Shabby London Rose (for girls).  For a limited time, you get a free full size lip balm with each deodorant purchase! More details in our shop:

In the meantime, we are busy brewing up a new lip concoction! We'll spill more on it soon, but let us just say that it is quite possibly the most amazing thing we have ever put on our lips in our entire lives. Complete *love*

Have a beautiful evening,
Nicole & Aaron

Friday, May 25, 2012

IndieWed is Coming to Denver

Hi everyone ~

We are so proud to be a vendor in the upcoming Indie Wed event in Denver! This is the alternative to traditional bridal expos - the focus is put on promoting small, indie businesses and the event is geared towards those brides and couples with an independent spirit. 

More details to come soon as we have a lot to plan out! What scents and product lines will we offer at the event? What will our amazing display (that Aaron's going to be working hard on!) look like? We can't wait to see how it all comes together :)

Have a beautiful day ~
Nicole & Aaron

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BMOCA - New Retail Location

First and foremost - Thanks to everyone who helped Live Beautifully have a fantastic first Mother's Day! What an amazing amount of orders ~ We have some of the best customers in the world ;)

This past week, we've been gearing up to put our products in their newest retail home, this time in Boulder, CO! Live Beautifully was contacted by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art to showcase our products in their gift store. Incredibly cool, right? There's a great range of scents there to try, you can sample some of our more popular ones ~ And while there, make sure you tour the museum! There's a few awesome exhibits right now from some really talented artists. No promises on how long the exhibits will be up, but don't miss the natural tea garden and drinking ceremony on the first floor. Also - on the very top floor, an artist who has definitely seen Star Wars more times than us has built/constructed/engineered an entire space ship (almost room sized!) out of found styrofoam, and it looks impeccable!

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art can be found here:

 View Larger Map
1750 13th Street
Boulder, CO
Keep your eyes on our etsy shop and blog for the next few days ~ we are expanding our product line in some really cool ways and we'll have all of the details here :)

Have a beautiful day ~
Nicole & Aaron, Live Beautifully

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Denver Retail Locations ~

Hi everyone,

Wow - it's been a crazy hectic past couple weeks for us! We are in the process of relocating our home and studio right now. Our new place will be ready on the 20th and we can't wait :)

We are so happy to say that Live Beautifully is now in 3 more awesome Denver locations! These are some of the coolest, trendiest stores in the city ~ It feels fantastic to see our products there.

Apricot Lane Boutique is located here:

1411 Larimer St # 101
Denver, CO 80202

Apricot Lane is owned by Chris Rivard and she has some of the dreamiest, most lovely women's clothing and accessories in the area. Her shop is super warm and inviting ~

apricot lane display

apricot lane display

Common Era is located here:

1543 Platte Street
Denver, CO 80202

Common Era is owned by Debra Mazur and she has been honored and praised the city over for her progressive fashion sense and the amazing things she's doing for fashion and fashion culture in Denver. She also has a Boulder location where we have a nest of our awesome lip balms :)

Her shop is phenomenal ~ a fantastic array of really cool clothes, really awesome handmade accessories and goodies, and it's all really well priced for the quality you receive. We have a huge display (8 different scent offerings!) on Platte St, and they look right at home.

common era display

common era display


Soul Haus can be found here:

1225 East 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218

Soul Haus is very unique ~ They have recently combined their two stores, Peppermint and Soul Haus. Now, they house both their men's and women's fun, trendy clothing lines under one roof. Soul Haus has a really cool selection of locally made jewelry and accessories. You can view our entire range of perfumes and colognes there.

soul haus display

Have a beautiful day ~
Nicole & Aaron, Live Beautifully

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good Cheer Deal!

Hi everyone,

We have a fantastic deal going on right now over at Oh, hello friend: you are loved. This is one of the prettiest, most inspirational design and photography based blog sites out there. Our deal is for a $25 store voucher for any of our all natural body products for only $15! There are a limited number available so make sure you go check it out right away ~

This special was first posted on Tuesday, so as there are more posts on the blog, scroll down to find our deal. Such a great way to experience some of our amazing scents!

Have a beautiful day ~
Nicole & Aaron, Live Beautifully