Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BMOCA - New Retail Location

First and foremost - Thanks to everyone who helped Live Beautifully have a fantastic first Mother's Day! What an amazing amount of orders ~ We have some of the best customers in the world ;)

This past week, we've been gearing up to put our products in their newest retail home, this time in Boulder, CO! Live Beautifully was contacted by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art to showcase our products in their gift store. Incredibly cool, right? There's a great range of scents there to try, you can sample some of our more popular ones ~ And while there, make sure you tour the museum! There's a few awesome exhibits right now from some really talented artists. No promises on how long the exhibits will be up, but don't miss the natural tea garden and drinking ceremony on the first floor. Also - on the very top floor, an artist who has definitely seen Star Wars more times than us has built/constructed/engineered an entire space ship (almost room sized!) out of found styrofoam, and it looks impeccable!

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art can be found here:

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1750 13th Street
Boulder, CO
Keep your eyes on our etsy shop and blog for the next few days ~ we are expanding our product line in some really cool ways and we'll have all of the details here :)

Have a beautiful day ~
Nicole & Aaron, Live Beautifully

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